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Lim Advises Children to Read Books

News about libraries and reading in national newspapers are rare in our country. Seldom we find news mentioning our beloved profession and indirectly our importance in the achievement of a “reading culture”. Thus, it is a welcome news that from time to time our elected local officials devoted some of their time in the promotion of public library services. Hopefully in the near future, concrete policy measures about public library services will be undertaken and a sustainable library program will be supported enthusiastically by our local governments.

Daily Tribune in the metro section and penned by Pat C. Santos bannered “Lim advises children to stay away from drugs by reading books“.

In his desire to encourage children to appreciate reading, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim will open tomorrow, Feb. 19, the city-owned library in Pandacan and another in Bacood, Sta. Mesa on Feb. 25.

The libraries are stocked with books that were donated by individuals and organizations.

Lim said he expects to open more libraries in the other districts of the city.

“We want to provide children with another form of entertainment while educating them through reading instead of wasting their time in worthless ventures like begging, or worse, even drugs,” the mayor told the department heads during the regular Monday DEHECHO meeting.

The mayor stressed the importance of reading and literacy, especially among the elementary and high school students, to increase their chances of improving their lives when they grow older.

He directed the Office of City Librarian chief, Maria Gracia Gargantiel, to conceptualize a program to encourage children to read and go to the libraries this summer for their full enjoyment and optimum use of their vacation.

He met recently with officials of M/V Doulos led by Felipe Bouchat, the only floating library in the world which is committed to bring new books and its crew to outreach missions in the poorest communities of Tondo, particularly Parola and the Baseco Compound at Port Area.

Doulos seeks to address the growing need to enhance the educational system so that students can cope with modern technology while enriching their reading comprehension skills.

Lim said children who can read well are able to grow up as skilled professionals and responsible citizens in the future.