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PLAI Memorandum No. 04 Series of 2007

Just received today a copy of PLAI memorandum no. 04 series of 2007 giving instruction to “Council NOMELEC to Conduct Council Elections” between October 3-5, 2007 and to submit to PLAI-National not later than October 29, 2007 the result of the council elections. I was informed of this “proxy voting” things when an announcement was posted in the PAARL yahoogroups email last September 11, 2007 but refrained from commenting because I haven’t read the full text of the memorandum/guidelines yet.

The attach guidelines especially (f) Proxy Voting states that:

“If a member can not participate physically during the Election Day, proxy is allowed by filling out the Proxy Form, and submits the form to the Council Election Chair.”

and (h) for Nomination of Candidates & (i) Voting:

(h) Only qualified members who are physically present and nominated on Election Day can be nominated [do you mean elected?, annotation mine]

(i) 1. Voting shall be by secret ballot. xxx 3. Qualified members shall vote in the order of their entrance to the polling place 4. Obtaining ballots. Upon entry to the polling place, members approaches the Council NOMELEC chair [Council Election Chair?, annotation mine], shows his/her professional ID, signs the official registry of voters. She will be given one (1) official folded ballot. (underscoring mine)

Is this allowed? Nowhere in the 2001 PLAI Constitution and By-laws states that proxy voting was contemplated as a manner of electing officers of the association. Besides, in the same election guidelines for the PLAI-National BOD, “No proxy voting will be allowed”. Why is their a need for a “double standard” in electing our officers for regional council and national?

Who will cast the vote by secret ballot (see i no. 1) in case this is allowed? The Council Election Chair where this form will be submitted? Do you mean (for the sake of argument) if the Council Election chair receives 30 proxy forms, s/he can vote 31 times or allot this block vote (including his/her vote) to one candidate? Are we allowing the Council election chair to be the “kingmaker”?

As per proxy form:

I, the undersigned member of the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI), do hereby nominate, and appoint as my PROXY (name of representatives), to represent me at the GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF MEMBERS to be held on ___________ as fully to all intents and purposes as I might or could do if present and acting in person. [underscoring mine]

Same observation as that of Council Election chair, can a member cast a vote more than once if designated as his/her proxy? Can I assigned my “attorney friend” or “driver” as my proxy “as fully to all intents and purposes as I might or could do if present and acting in person? That will be absurd!

The qualification of candidates has 5 criteria aside from the fact that “only qualified members who are physically present” [can] be nominated/elected on election day. Of this 5 criteria, no. 4 is somewhat strange:

“Subscribe to the provisions of the New By-Laws”

Do we already “approved” the proposed PLAI Constitution & By-Laws when the latest draft copy (clean copy) still to be printed/circulated? that candidates are already required to “subscribe” ahead of the General Assembly approval (or disapproval)?

I think the PLAI-National NOMELEC must issue a clarification regarding this matter to avoid confusion and chaos in the upcoming GA of the regional council pursuant to its call to held election before October 29, 2007. This issued guidelines is “full of contradictions” and rather strict. What’s the point of issuing a strict guidelines when it will be honored more in breach in lieu for a more simple and briefly worded one. This must be rectified by those concerned officials of the association at the soonest possible time.