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April Librarian Events in Pictures/Videos

Igor announced via yahoogroups that pictures of the recently concluded PAARL Summer Conference on “Finding Library’s Place in the 2.0 Environment : Providing for Interactive, Collaborative, and Multimedia Web-based Technologies, Resources & Services ” held at Palawan and the UP-SLIS 16th Summer Institute on Information Science on “Digitization of Documents for Greater Access” held at La Trinidad, Benguet (Librarian Events for April 2008) are now uploaded for everyone to view/download.

PAARL Summer Conference pictures, click here, Fellowship Night here.

16th Summer Institute pictures, click here

Ms Angela Verzosa likewise announced that she already uploaded in YouTube her video of the Summer Conference, click here (i have difficulty locating it as of this posting time but compensated by the other uploaded videos 😀 in that folder) and her lecture at slideshare (ppt link posted here as of March 28, 2008).

Thanks Igor, Bianca and Ma’am Angela. (RBManlangit)

UPDATED as of 3 May 2008

Elvie Lapuz uploaded pictures here
Ma’am Angela video of Underground River tour here