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Review : Philippine Journals Online

Doing scholarly research about the Philippines is never an easy task. Just locating the needed background materials or simply learning what researches have already been done require numerous trip to the big academic/university libraries and/or the National Library of the Philippines. Reading publications especially serials published in the country (traditionally has a limited printed copy published due to exorbitant publication cost) can only be found in this big academic libraries. Now comes Philippines Journals OnLine (PhilJOL) to the rescue. Initiated in May 2008, “it aims to promote the awareness and use of Philippines-published journals in all disciplines by providing access to tables of contents (TOCs), abstracts and full text on the Internet”.

PhilJOL facilitate an instant worldwide access to Philippine researches and a great potential to increase the readership base of Philippine based scholarly journals. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of using this publishing model.

Librarians from less funded institutions in the country have now a chance to serve Filipiniana Serials to their clientele/institution researchers with a minimal library investment of computer unit and a DSL internet connections to be able to access this database on a 24/7 basis. Others scholarly journals are also available for free reading/downloading via the DOAJ initiative to complement this online Filipiniana serials.

Currently there are 26 journals listed on PhilJOL and we fervently hope other university based scholarly journals in the country will follow their footstep on this Open Journal System (OJS) publication model. Congratulation to PhilJOL for this initiative of bringing Philippine scholarly researches to a much wider audience.