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PRC Legal Opinion on LLE

Atty. Pharson B. Mamalo, chief of the PRC Legal Division issued a legal opinion dated March 17, 2009 regarding the request of BFL for assistance in formulating a resolution for those non BLIS and MLIS takers who would like to take the Librarians Licensure Examination (LLE) this November. The said legal opinion was made public via the PAARL yahoogroups some 3 months after. He clarified in a letter addressed to the chair of Board for Librarians, Hon. Corazon M. Nera that “to formulate a resolution to the effect that a particular period is extended beyond the time frame provided by law is equivalent to an amendment. Amendment can only be made by the same body that created the law”… and that “extending the period within which to allow graduates of the above mentioned degrees to take the examination is tantamount to an encroachment by the executive to the legislative authority”

In an email by Ms Nera to Ms Versoza requesting among other the dissimination of the legal opinion, she mentioned that there is a June 5, 2009 request [possibly for reconsideration] to the PRC legal division that merited the same ruling.

To all graduates of LIS other than BLIS & MLIS, we encourage you to pursue instead a MLIS degree so that in a year or two you could take the LLE. This is just a temporary setback in your quest to be a registered librarian. I do believe the institution you have taken your LIS units or specialization will be more than willing to credit your earned LIS units to their MLIS program or other institution offering MLIS program may also be crediting some if not all of your previously earned units after some validation process.

And to all graduates of BLIS & MLIS (also repeaters) taking the LLE this coming November 2009, good luck to all of you.