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Site Advisory

This site is best viewed in Firefox. Due to some technical aspect of html coding we are not too familiar with and coupled by our limited free time to troubleshoot the problem during office hours, Internet Explorer (IE) users may think some part of article takes too long to load when in facts there is none (e.g. viewed this post in IE and then in Firefox). Not too long ago some % (percentage) character showed interspersed in the posted article when viewed in IE but none in Firefox. We have resolved this technical hurdle already. Time to switch to Firefox perhaps?

Likewise, we noted in the Sitemeter visitor tracking software that quite a number of this site visitors are looking for hotmail or yahoo email addresses we suspect might be spammers or scam artists. We were not that bothered before since zero minute was consumed, and only the Google / Yahoo referred page was viewed. Lately we noticed that they are spending quite sometime viewing posted articles culled from a Google / Yahoo search result.

We considered ourselves responsible netizens and thus to avoid spam robots or scam artist from harvesting email addresses in this site, we resolved to re-edit earlier posted articles with email addresses following this syntax: name(at)site(dot)com We may opt to use square brackets instead of parenthesis to mislead spam robots. I guess we need just to “cut and paste” the email addresses from now on and just change the (at) and (dot) to arrive at the correct syntax.

We hope this small inconvenience we have to bear will make Internet less traffic for spams and con artists.