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PLAI STRLC Blog cited in Health Information and Libraries Journal

What a joy and honor it is to be cited in one of the latest article in Health Information and Libraries Journal, a peer reviewed journal published by the Blackwell-Synergy. Modesty aside, the citation validates our earlier contention that “open access” pays and exposes our colleagues to larger audience and recognition (or critics?) beyond Philippine shores if they post their paper or ppt presented in seminar-workshop online. We are very happy for this development and just like the powerpoint presentation of Ms Fides Datu-Lawton, we will persevere and be a trailblazer.

The keynote address of Ma’am Versoza during the PLAI-STRLC Seminar-Workshop last October 9-10, 2007 posted immediately after the seminar-workshop, elicited a remark from Mr Andrew Booth, the citing author said:

Ironically, given that our previous feature article took a somewhat critical swipe at blogs and other Web 2.0 technologies, a valuable insight comes from the blog of the Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council (STRLC) of the Philippine Librarians Association (PLAI).2 A search on ‘research’ and ‘libraries’ on the Google Blog Search tool retrieved the full text of a keynote address delivered by Ma’am Fe Angela M. Verzosa at the PLAI-STRLC Seminar-Workshop on ‘Research in Librarianship: Challenges, Competencies, and Strategies’. Somewhat improbably, this workshop was held less than a month (i.e. 9–10 October 2007) before I sat down to write this article, meaning that I was able to read this offering significantly earlier than a typical print output from a similar workshop in the UK.” (emphasis supplied)

Read the complete article here.