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Proposed PLAI-STRLC NOMELEC Guidelines

The Council Officers during its 6th Regular Monthly Meeting “agreed in principles” to draft its own Nomination & Election Guidelines. The NOMELEC Chair was task to present the draft in the next council meeting. The need for an updated and simple guidelines arise from previous experiences of electing Council Officers during the Regional General Assembly (RGA).

The draft guidelines envision an orderly identification, prequalification, selection, and election of potential Council Officers while taking into consideration the new PLAI By-Laws approved last November 14, 2007 by the National General Assembly.

Using the 2007 Election Guidelines as template, Ms Charity Mahusay, NOMELEC Chair, presented last August 12, 2008 during the 7th Regular Monthly Meeting the draft PLAI-STRLC 2008 Election Guidelines for consideration/comments of every stakeholders in the Council.


The governing body of the PLAI-STRLC shall be the Council Board of Trustees (CBOT) hereinafter referred to as Council Officers which shall be composed of a) an Executive Officers consisting of seven (7) directors directly elected by the General Assembly, b) One (1) Ex-Officio (the immediate past President of PLAI-STRLC), c) the elected NBOT representative(s) of the Council and d) the Presidents of organized Provincial Chapter of the Council (or an adhoc representative of soon to be organized PC) as automatic member. The seven (7) elected directors and NBOT representative(s) shall served the Council for two years without re-election.


The topmost seven (7) voted directors by the General Assembly shall elect among themselves the Executive Officers of the Council, namely: President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and Public Relations Officer.

The Executive Officers, Ex-Officio, the elected NBOT representative(s) and the President of PC’s acting as automatic chapter representative (or its Vice-President in case the President is elected as one of the seven (7) directors) shall composed the CBOT and hereinafter referred to as the Council Officers.

Three of the Executive Officers of the Council are automatic member of the National House of Delegates namely: The President, Vice President and a third member duly agreed upon by the Executive Officers and will served for two years on a concurrent capacity as PLAI-STRLC officers without re-election.


The regular and/or active members of the PLAI-STRLC are encouraged to nominate colleagues to be one of the potential seven (7) directors to be directly elected by the General Assembly and NBOT nominee(s) to the PLAI-National. PROVIDED that the nominee(s) is: an active member of PLAI-STRLC for two years (2), attended at least two (2) activities conducted by PLAI-STRLC or its Provincial Chapter (Seminars, Conferences, Fora, General Assembly).


Nominees will be pre-screened by the NOMELEC if they attained the minimum requirement set for the candidacy and will be required to sign a Certificate of Undertaking stating among others that he/she will faithfully attend regular meetings, uphold the highest degree of professionalism, and served the Council voluntarily without mental reservation or evasion of expected duties and responsibilities as Executive Officers and member of CBOT or National HOD or NBOT as the case may be.

Only those nominees who meet the minimum requirement and a signed certificate of undertaking received by the NOMELEC will be included in the final list of nominees eligible to be elected/voted by the General Assembly.


Voting shall be by secret ballot. The top seven (7) nominees who received the highest number of votes cast during the Regional General Assembly shall be deemed elected as member of the Executive Officers.

The President of the Council is an automatic NBOT nominee(s).

The immediate past President of the Council is an automatic member of CBOT in an ex-Officio capacity.

President of PC (or the vice Pres/chair) shall be an automatic member of CBOT. President of PC shall be elected during their own PC General Assembly. Resigned or removed for cause PC President ceased to be a member of CBOT the moment they resigned/removed for cause as PC President. The newly elected (or by succession rule) PC President shall sit in the CBOT.


Whenever any vacancy occur in the Executive Officers, a regular or special meeting shall be called for that purpose to fill-in the vacancy PROVIDED it is still more than one year left in the term. The elected officer(s) that fill-in the vacancy shall served only for the unexpired portion of the term. He/She shall be eligible for re-election. In case the PLAI-STRLC elected President resign/remove for cause, the vice-president shall automatically take over as president. The other executive officers shall determine among themselves the position to be filled-in after observing the succession rule.

In case the vacancy occurs less than six (6) months before the next scheduled election, the CBOT shall select and elect from among the PC Presidents who will fill-in the vacant Executive Officer position(s). He/She shall be eligible for re-election.

Vacancy in the Ex-officio position shall not be filled. Vacancy in the PC representative shall be fill-in by the concerned PC following their own constitution & bylaws and PLAI-STRLC guidelines of who are qualified to be President and Vice President of PC.