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Top 100 Philippine Books For All Time

I attended iblog5 last May 9, 2009 at UP Diliman. One of the speakers was Kristin Mandigma and she talks about Philippine Online Chronicles (POC) and their ongoing projects. One of their project that will be of interest to librarians is Booklat — it aims to promote awareness of reading and appreciation of Philippine literature by launching the Top 100 Philippine Books For All Time. I had a chance to talked to her after her presentation and introduced the idea if she could coordinate with PLAI so that librarians could be officially part of this noble undertakings. She seem interested at the idea and I hope she follow it up on this potential collaboration. She also said “POC will provide drop boxes for the entries” and certainly we could help to strategically place it in our libraries and encouraged our library users to vote.

From the POC website,

Guidelines for nomination:

1.) The books nominated either have to be by a Filipino author or published in the Philippines. For the purposes of this poll, any author with Filipino blood, even though he/she is not residing in the country, is considered a Filipino author.

2.) Each voter may nominate up to 100 books. Poetry, graphic novels and children’s literature will be considered, as long as they are in book form and otherwise meet the criteria stated above.

3.) Comments and reasons for choosing particular books are welcome.