IFLA-FAIFE Roundtable Discussion with Palawan Librarians

(Palawan Librarians with PLAI-STRLC VP Audrey G. Anday)
I was privileged to meet around 20 librarians and library staff from the province of Palawan today, August 19, 2009 at the World Bank repository based in Palawan State University, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A roundtable discussion on the IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto was organized which was followed by an open forum regarding their concerns on CPE , MLIS study through distance education and the revival of the Palawan Librarian Association. The participants represented around 8 public and private schools in Palawan.

Those present participated in the survey questionnaire of IFLA-FAIFE which will be included in the PLAI-STRLC Report. Afterwards, the body agreed to organize a General Assembly for all Palawan librarians and friends sometime in October 2009 to discuss further the revival of their association and elect their officers.

On behalf of PLAI-STRLC President, Marcial R. Batiancila, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Maphella Ruado for organizing the meet-up in spite of the short notice and to Ms. Lourdes Salvador for sharing their place. It was informal but very heart warming gathering.

Welcome Palawan librarians to the STRLC family! (AGAnday)

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