Update: PLAI Regional Council Blogs

Last January 25, 2007, we noted the existence of PLAI Regional Council Blogs and today we would like to add to that list. The PLAI-Bicol Region Librarian Council blog was operational last September 28, 2007 during their Seminar Workshop on “Developing Competencies of Librarians / Information Specialists for Quality Service”. We are glad to learned that new posts are available after a hiatus of more than one year.

The 5th Regional Council with blog presence is PLAI-Zamboanga Peninsula (Zamboanga Peninsula Region Librarian Council) which we learned of their existence thru its Council President Benhur Asid during the PLAI National Congress in Davao City. Just like PLAI-STRLC blogs, PLAI-ZamPen has blogspot and wordpress presence with October 23, 2008 as the earliest posting date of entries.

We hope the other eleven (11) Regional Council of PLAI will have their online presence soon.

2 responses to “Update: PLAI Regional Council Blogs

  1. Please be informed that the existence of blog sites mentioned and discovered in January and October do not include that of EVRLC which existed since January of this year. Unless of course the owners of those blogs told you in particular. So now we are announcing our presence on blogspot: http://www.evrlibrarians.blogspot.com.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks vhic_5 for informing us of the existence of PLAI-EVRLC. We are glad that you dropped us a line. We will surely be adding your site to the our links of PLAI Regional Councils Blogs. We hope that through this kind of endeavors, we can encourage more librarians to be active in our respective Regional Councils. Kudos!

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