Induction of Rizal Librarians Association Officers

(L-R: PLAI-STRLC Chair Marcial R. Batiancila, Aileen P. Balleras, Adora G. Mallari, Joanna Fang Jen Lin, Cecille G. Reyes, Eleanor M. Vibar, Gemma A. Magboo, Cristina P. Arconcil, Loida J. Cordova, Gloria M. Melendres)

The elected Rizal Librarians Association officers for 2008-2009 were inducted into office by PLAI-STRLC Chair Marcial R. Batiancila, immediately after the Organizational Meeting of RLA facilitated by STRLC Council Officers held at Siena College Taytay last 17 May 2008. The following are the inducted officers:

President Gloria M. Melendres
San Beda College Taytay
Taytay, Rizal
Vice-President Loida J. Cordova
Siena College Taytay
Taytay, Rizal
Secretary Eleanor M. Vibar
University of Rizal System
Morong, Rizal
Treasurer Cristina P. Arconcil
Nuestra Señora De Aranzazu Parochial School
San Mateo, Rizal
Auditor Joanna Fang Jen Lin
San Beda College Taytay
Taytay, Rizal
PRO Gemma A. Magboo
Cainta Catholic College
Cainta, Rizal
Board of Directors
Cecille G. Reyes
University of Rizal SystemCardona
Cardona, Rizal

Adora G. Mallari
University of Rizal System-Binangonan
Binangonan, Rizal

Aileen P. Belleras
Greenfield Montessori School
E. Rodriquez Ave., Tanay, Rizal

Fr Paul M. de Vera
Coordinator of Libraries
San Beda College

Vidal E. Santos
Coordinator of Libraries
Siena College Taytay

Congratulations to all elected officers!

One response to “Induction of Rizal Librarians Association Officers

  1. im looking for some pictures you’ve taken at the forum and meeting last sat may 17, 2008. When will it be uploaded?

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