Graduation tribute

Today I would like to pay tribute to a fellow STRLC member who recently finished his graduate course in Library and Information Science from UP Diliman. After nth year of waiting, the long is over.

There came a point in time when he could have chosen not to complete his thesis and just concentrate on being of service to his fellow librarians through several media at hand. But a few push, some encouragement and right turns of the knob, found him standing at the defense room and now finalizing the final draft of his thesis. He has butterflies in his stomach but he made it with flying rainbow colors.

Truly I agree with Aristotle when he said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” We know what we had to go through in order for us to be where we are right now. There are many hurdles and challenges we have to passed in order for us to taste the sweet fruit that awaits at the end of each battle.

Congratulations Rene B. Manlangit, for a job well done. You may have conquered that stage of your academic path, but a new stage will soon start. May you continue to be as active and energetic as you have always been. Let your wings take you where you dreams have led you.

To all STRLC members who have also finished their degree, our best congratulations too. We hope that as you finished the race, you will continue to live to the expectations of our profession. Together let us work in making better the reputation of our profession and show the world that librarians like teachers create great impacts in the lives of every individual that seeks learning.

“A graduation ceremony is a cultural tradition termed as a rite of passage. It is a ritual or ceremony that marks one stage of a person’s life to another.”

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