STRLC Facts & Figures: Quezon Province Public Libraries

From the partial posted information regarding affiliate libraries of The National Library, figure this out:


out of
out of
out of
out of
Provincial Libraries
City Libraries
Municipal Libraries
Barangay Libraries
(15.39 %)
(13.13 %)
14.93 %
13.08 %
are located in the Provinces that comprise the Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council (STRLC).

From the alphabetical listing, we compiled this information presented by Province, City/Municipal, and Barangay Library starting with Quezon Province because it is the only province in the country that almost all of its municipalities and cities have an established public library (27 out of 39 municipalities; 2 out of 2 cities). This information could be a springboard for further research or information gathering (e.g., when was the Municipal/Cities libraries first established, who is its first librarian or who organized the collection, etc.)

Below is the complete listing:

Municipal/City Library Barangay Library
Lucena City Library

Barangay V Library
Barangay 9 Reading Center
Barra Barangay Library
Bliss Barangay Library
Mayao Parada Barangay Library
Tayabas City Library

Ilasan Barangay Library
Kalumpang Barangay Library

Agdangan Municipal Library

Alabat Municipal Library

Poblacion 3 Barangay Library

Atimonan Municipal Library

Buenavista Municipal Library

Ibabang Wasay Barangay Library
Calauag Municipal Library

Cabuluan Barangay Library
Lagay Barangay Library
Candelaria Municipal Library

Catanauan Municipal Library

Gumaca Municipal Library

Camuhaguin Barangay Library
Hagakhakin Barangay Library
Lopez Municipal Library

Hondagua Barangay Library
Lucban Municipal Library

Abang Barangay Library
Aliliw Barangay Library
Barangya 5 Mini-Library
Barangay 10 Reading Center
Malupak Barangay Library
Poblacion 5 Barangay Library
Samil Barangay Library
Macalelon Municipal Library
Mauban Municipal Library
Mulanay Municipal Library
Padre Burgos Municipal Library
Pagbilao Municipal Library

Perez Municipal Library
Pitogo Municipal Library
Plaridel Municipal Library
Polilio Municipal Library
Quezon Municipal Library
San Andres Municipal Library
San Francisco Municipal Library

Pagsangahan Barangay Library
Poblacion Barangay Library
San Narciso Municipal Library
Sariaya Municipal Library
Tagkawayan Municipal Library
Tiaong Municipal Library
Unisan Municipal Library

Ibabang Panaon Barangay Library

Likewise please let us know if the following municipalities have their own Municipal Libraries so that we could update this facts & figures:

Burdeos, Dolores, General Luna, General Nakar, Guinayangan, Infanta, Jomalig, Panukulan, Patnanungan, Real, Sampaloc, and San Antonio.

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