Conference Presentations

In my post about “Open Access” last 2 September 2007, we encourage colleagues to upload resource speakers papers or presentation in their association websites/blogs for the general information & Continuing Professional Education (CPE) of our colleagues not able to attend said activity for some valid reason(s). I argued then:

Why not instead be proactive, generate goodwill and regard it as our “collective investment” for the bright future of our beloved profession. It’s no use then to keep it buried when it is already being informally shared. The uploaded ppt or outline could be the springboard for a more comprehensive presentations next time around a similar topic will be held in the future.

Is this “open access initiatives” will discourage participants from attending future seminars/fora when ppt could be easily viewed online? We don’t think so for the simple reason that the ppt or outline must only shows the topic and subtopics discussed but paying participants have that luxury of listening to the resource speaker expound more on the topic/subtopic. Also, the ability to networks with other colleagues not seen for quite some time. This pro-activity will also help resource speakers improve their craft and not merely “read” what they have written in the ppt. By uploading it, we may one day see a bulleted presentations rather than being shortchange to reading a complete paragraphs after paragraphs being passed on as the lecture already without added explanation whatsoever.

Then we followed up this advocacy by posting a sort of a pathfinder last 16 October 2007 for the freely available/downloadable powerpoint presentation (or paper) posted in this blog and provided links to other sites that already heeded our call. Since, then UPLSSA, UPSLIS among others have regularly uploaded the ppt/papers/handout of their sponsored seminar/conference/forum to their websites.

And today, I viewed the National Library website and under the download heading, I noticed they have already uploaded the ppt/PDF of the National Conference of Public Librarians held last 28-29 November 2007. Thank you. (RBManlangit)

The following presentations are available for download: Click here

1. Laws and Legislations vis-à-vis Accountability of Government Librarians (ppt) by Atty. Antonio Santos
2. Good to Great : Ways to Rethink, Reconfigure and Revitalize Public Libraries to Greatness (pdf of ppt)
3. Advocacy and Public Libraries (pdf of ppt) by Luis P. Gatmaitan
4. Strengthening Public Libraries with Literacy Services (pdf of ppt) by
5. Digitization : a Method of Preserving Library Resources (ppt) by Edgardo Quiros
6. Counter-Disaster Management : Library Resources and Services (pdf of ppt) by Salvacion M. Arlante
7. Disaster Response Guidelines (ppt)
8. Librarianship as Profession : Trends and Issues (ppt) by Susima L. Gonzales
9. Early Philippine Literature (ppt) by Asuncion D. Maramba

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