Philippine Librarian’s Day

Last Oct 2007, I posted a message at Talakayan regarding the need for an observance of Philippine Librarian’s Day after reading a post at PLAI-CVRLC blog wherein one article inquired if there was such a thing as Librarian’ s Day since there is a professional celebration like Teacher’s Day. After some preliminary e-brainstorming with selected colleagues in Region IV to further iron out the idea and to solicit their own opinion/comment/suggestion, we reckoned that for this campaign to be effective it should not be limited to Cagayan Valley Region nor to STRLC alone but to reach a greater number of our colleagues who have online presence as well. The idea is that such celebration will provide opportunity to further promote/market our noble profession. Furthermore it is a good advocacy that deserved to be discussed/brainstormed with a wider audience of colleagues to further “level-up” the profession, and as a parallel advocacy for the use of “RL” initial.

So far, the discussion on this matter, was viewed 450 times since then and a generally favorable feedback can be noted. In addition, it was such a joy to learn as relayed by a colleague who attended the PLAI National Congress last Nov 2007 that some resource speakers who are not librarians by profession encouraged participants to celebrate Librarian’s Day as a form of marketing the profession.

During the 2nd PLAI-STRLC Regular Monthly meeting held at Kamayan Restaurant at Bay, Laguna yesterday, 19 Feb 2007, Mrs. Lourdes Soriano, elected NBOT representing STRLC, reported among other things for the PLAI Update portion of the Agenda, that during one of the PLAI-National meetings, PLAI National Officers approved the inclusion of Librarian’s Day as part and parcel of the National Book Week Celebration. The designated observance is every November 29 of every year. We will be posting an official memo regarding this once it is circulated. (RBManlangit).

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