STRLC Featured Library: UP Los Baños Main Library

The University of the Philippine Los Baños Library (formerly, the UP College of Agriculture Library) was established at the founding of the College of Agriculture in 1909. Presently, it is composed of the main library, 11 college and institute libraries and one high school library. It provides materials and services to meet the instructional, research and extension needs of the various constituents of the University. It has the most extensive collection of agricultural materials in the country and particularly strong in plant and animal sciences.

The library has a total of 6,336 sqm floor area with 510 seating capacity. The library collection is 189,304 volumes of books and bound periodicals and 1,090 current serial titles.

The UPLB Main Library is headed by the University Librarian, Ms. Vilma G. Anday, assisted by 8 professional librarians and 30 support staff.

Below are pictures of the different sections and areas inside the UP Los Baños Main Library which we at the PLAI-STRLC hope would serve as a form of virtual library tour to prospective visitors. Happy viewing.

[DISCLOSURE: This is the 4th in the planned online featured library but the 1st to be published. Others will be published as soon as technical consideration (e.g., photos quality) and the draft writeup have been peer reviewed by colleague(s). De La Salle Lipa was the first featured library in the PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v2#2 issue]


University Librarian
Main Library
UP Los Baños
College, Laguna 4031
+63 49 536-2326/536-2235

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