Learning to Learn: Major Competencies to Help Young and Adults

The Association of Laguna Librarians (ALL) formerly known as Laguna Librarians Association (LLA) is organizing a half-day forum entitled, “Learning to learn: major competencies to help young and adults” on February 29, 2008, Friday, at 8:00 am, at the University of the Philippines Los Baños Main Library, with Ms. Mary Ann Ingua of the UPLB Main Library as the resource speaker.

Forum fee is PhP 100.00 per participant to cover snacks, certificates and handouts and an optional ALL membership fee of PhP 100.00 for those interested to join the Association.

Furthermore, in the afternoon, there will be an on-the-spot logo making competition dubbed as Likha-Dunong” wherein artistically smart students from some Laguna schools will showcase their talents and skills.

The concept of organizing LIKHA-DUNONG is rooted in the Association of Laguna Librarians’ noble advocacy to promote Information Literacy to the community it represents, particularly to the young generation of today. As information professionals, the Association commits itself to encourage every young learner to value this vital skill more than ever, in this age when the need for information that is properly obtained, assessed, and applied, is already considered a requisite for survival.

LIKHA, which means “a creation” and DUNONG, that refers to karunungan or knowledge, stands to our aim to find out how the participants would interpret their understanding of information literacy after joining the forum. The desired output is to come up with an artwork, specifically a logo that would symbolize the significance of being an information-literate member of the society nowadays. Likha-Dunong is the Association’s first endeavor to promote awareness of this skill since it has chosen information literacy as its main area of interest this year.*

Click here to download the invitation to the forum. (AGAnday)

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