NBDB 2007 Readership Survey

(As our “in-house quality control measure”, any post written by the other must be reviewed or checked by the other partner for his/her timely comments/peer review before it got published, hence the delay in some post to be published besides other “task of equal importance” in our own offices/libraries than proofreading an article. Likewise I wrote a lot of draft potentials topics and in various stage of proofreading that some are overtaken by events to be relevant. We just saved them for another day/month and today an opportunity knocks to dust off an old draft and see the light of day albeit revised to conform to the new topic.)

Not too long ago I wrote about the need to conduct a readership survey for the Filipinos as an offshoot to the published Associated Press-Ipsos poll (too bad the link is not working anymore ) regarding U.S. reading habits. I said:

Just wondering if Pulse Asia or SWS would care to do a similar survey of reading habits of Filipinos. Maybe National Bookstore, the other new bookstore chain in the country plus some local publishers could underwrite the cost of doing this timely survey. Every educational institution/stakeholder may find the result instructive in crafting timely intervention to arrest the continuing decline of our educational competitiveness and general reading competency.

It was therefore a joy to learn from the article of Queena Lee-Chua published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Sunday, November 25, 2006 Do Pinoys read at all? that National Book Development Board (NBDB) commissioned Social Weather Stations to do a second Readership Survey for 2007. The Readership Survey result will be presented to the public by NBDB on November 28, 2007 at 9 a.m. to 12 noon, at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Go and read Queena Lee-Chua article to gain an advance insight of the 2007 result for she is an authority being a member of the current governing board of NBDB while we await the full result to be presented to the public with bated breath.

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