Irreplaceable Value of Librarians

I meant to post this article a month ago but apparently forgot, better late than never.

Charles Tan of Bibliophile Stalker have been posting essay every Monday devoted to librarianship as his contribution to the recently organized Pinoy Bibliobloggers’ Mafia from the perspectives of a library user. A welcome development I guess for our beloved profession that a dedicated library user invested time & effort to offer his “viewpoint”.

Here are some of his recent essays:

Transitioning Libraries

Speculative Libraries and Librarians

Specialized Libraries

From Reader to Librarian

While Mrs. Mila Ramos of IRRI Library posted in the plai-strlc yahoogroups awhile ago the 33 Reasons Why Libraries and Librarians are Still Extremely Important (thank you Ma’am Mila) which might help in our holistic understanding on the ongoing formal/informal discussion of the “irreplaceable value of librarians” in the digital age/21st century.

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