Live Blogging: Prof. Thelma S. Kim

NOTE: Sorry for the delayed uploading. Encountered technical problem that until now I am clueless why it’s taking so long “uploading video … your video will appear here when finished” . This was supposed to be a liveblogging article last September 29 but until today uploading the video is not yet finish. Since I am still too exhausted from the travel back to Laguna & cannot wait & experiment for another day when it will be finished, decided to delete it and re-upload the video observing the same procedures used the first time. Luckily it works this time after several attempts (tried copying the video in the cpu when attempt to upload from digicam failed) … what went wrong during the first, second, third attempts of this deleting/re-uploading video last September 29? Glad to hear an explanation from anyone.

Prof. Thelma S. Kim received the Plaque of Appreciation and token from Stephanie “Stef” Granatin (Bicol University) and Rose “Bing” Ante (Aquinas University of Legazpi). Prof. Kim talked about “Public Relations and Marketing Skills for Librarians” where an e-copy of her presentation as well as those of other resource speakers will be available/uploaded at the PLAI-BRLC weblog shortly. (RBManlangit)

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