28th MIBF Seminar/Forum .ppt

The ppt presentations of Ms. Ellinor Ferriol of Scholastic Books and Ms. Edes B. Vijandre of Miriam College Grade School Library entitled “Marketing Strategies for School Libraries” were already posted at the UPLSAA weblog. Click here to view. (Thank you for uploading).

The slides are more pleasing to view than when it was presented during the MIBF Forum due to strong daylights illuminating Function Hall A.

We do hope other library associations will follow UPLSAA lead in uploading the ppt in their own weblog/sites after the activity for the general information & continuing education of other colleagues. Of course, prior permission of the speaker/author of the ppt must be secured before posting :=)


One response to “28th MIBF Seminar/Forum .ppt

  1. It is indeed a good idea to post some of the power point presentations of the different speakers in various seminars and conferences. Even if a librarian or a library staff can not attend several seminars/conferences in a year, it is very helpful that there are links we can view the lecture and get some new ideas and indirectly acquire updates of the profession.

    Keep up the good work! The fruits of your labor may not yet be visible but the seeds shall soon grow and bear better fruits.

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