Filipiniana Internet Resources

Taken from librarians yahoogroups/googlegroups email announcement:

What : Lecture [on] Filipiniana Internet Resources
Where : Ortigas Foundation Library, 2nd Floor, Ortigas Bldg, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City
When : September 20, 2007 (Thu) at 6:30 PM
Fee : Free Admission
Resource Speaker : Prof. Lourdes David

Pre-Lecture Review : The speaker is very qualified and always a joy to listen to her presentation. The topic is interesting although the time of the free lecture is a little bit late from those coming from the provinces to be able to go home before midnight. Could the organizer move the starting time a little bit earlier, 3 PM perhaps?. The email announcement is bereft of details to what activity is the free lecture is part of.

The lecture (1 or 2 hours?) could help libraries and librarians increase their Filipiniana collection provided they have an internet access in the library to be able to connect to these sites. Adding the bibliographic information and URL of the online Filipiniana publication in the OPAC will be a “cut & paste” stuff, if the library software didn’t support Z39.5 protocol.

For those still in the stage of planning automation/computerization of their library, it is still worthwhile to attend this activity, the speaker is too much qualified for the topic and admission is free. You may learn a thing or two.

Incidentally this lecture could be the perfect follow-up activity to that PAARL completed projectFilipiniana Books for College Libraries” wherein participants in that ABAP/PAARL sold-out forum last July where it was introduced where all eager to have a printed or ecopy of included publications in that Filipiniana bibliographic tool. Although until now, i have not heard from PAARL the exact cost of the printed copy and the CD version.

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