MIBF Seminars — Empowering Libraries

The 28th Manila International Bookfair at the World Trade Center has seminars/fora as parallel events of the bookfair that catered to our professional growth and development.

For those who cannot attend the other worthy seminars/fora because they are simultaneously being held, and for those other colleagues not able to visit the MIBF for some valid reasons, we have requested for permission to post the ppt or outline of those presentation. We will post them here in slideshare format and/or provide links to other associations sites that will upload them.
The first ppt we have is from Ma’am Corazon Nera. (Thank you Ma’am). See also Ma’am Nera other uploaded ppt here: 1, 2.

ce-Logic, a subsidiary of C&E Publishing, Inc. free seminar on “Empowering Libraries : The Effect of Modernization and Emerging Technologies in the Philippines” from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. The resource speaker is Mrs. Corazon Nera. (Thanks to ce-Logic, and C&E Publishing, Inc. for their continued support of the profession).
This is the introductory lecture by Prof. Corazon M. Nera as a take off for her main lecture. This powerpoint was prepared by Ms. Hermie de Leon:

While this is the main lecture of Prof Corazon M. Nera on “Empowering Librarians” in today’s world:


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