STRLC Members Links to their Friendster Page

If you have not noticed it yet (at least for those regular reader of this blog!), we have added links in the names of the 2007 paid STRLC & lifetime members to their friendster page to increase familiarization of the biographical information of some STRLC member. This move will atleast (we fervently hope) energize those who have signed up to update their page and upload recent photos to facilitate recognition among STRLC members in any events or gatherings we attended and thus increase the likelihood of greater cooperation and shared undertakings. Likewise, for those members without yet an account will be motivated enough to sign up and felt their presence in the social networking sites and be a part of the 21st century.

Incidentally, Von latest post lamented on the state of librarianship in the country:

What is the state of librarianship in the Philipines? I think the fact that PLAI and PATLS do not have websites says a lot about “Philippine librarianship in the 21st century.” And of those librarians’ associations that do have websites, some have not been updated in years. There seems to be a disconnect between what has been said—and will continue to be said—at seminars and conferences about the skills librarians need today and what is actually being done by those responsible for the continuing education of professional librarians and current and future LIS students.

Prompting Arnold to comment:

The same, when you left. The same ten years ago. The same for God knows how long ago.

– Same people running the different professional associations.

– Same people delivering lectures/talk about almost the same “emerging trends” topics

At the very beginning of STRLC blog existence, we helped in the promotion/marketing of other librarians associations seminars, conferences, fora, activities, etc. and never seen them as competitor in providing for the professional growth and continuing education of our colleagues but rather as a partner in creating a critical mass of highly motivated individuals to propel the association to greater heights 3-5 years from now.

Although a group within STRLC viewed & insisted that our blog exist purely for strlc sponsored activities and not to serve as other association marketing machine (READ: cpe provider competitor). We resisted this myopic view and persevered to post other associations events hoping that someday a critical mass of participants will be created.

We are even a trailblazer for posting immediately online the conference ppt and made this open access to all interested colleagues and forfeiting an opportunity to re-use the material for another paid conference or fora. We believe and continue to believe that posting those ppt online far outweight the monetary gain we will get to the immediate and unquantifiable need of other colleagues not able to attend said activity to improve their professional knowledge & competence.

We believed that forming a critical mass of technologically aware and inclined members will save the day for the association soon atleast initially in the Southern Tagalog Region. We hope that this linking will instill awareness on every member of the association to take an active role in moving out from the “old culture” and be a part of the “emerging culture of excellence in the profession” in a more collaborative, transparent, and collegial way (RBManlangit and AGAnday)

Note: Just in case you are a paid member and you have a friendster account that we have missed. Please send us a comment or a note and we will gladly add you. For those whose account we are not sure, we deliberately did not include them since the account has not been verified or if we inadvertedly added the wrong link to your page, promptly call our attention. We are more than glad to hear from you. Thanks.

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