LIS Book: A Handbook of Ethical Practice

Last May, we featured LIS books worth adding to our holdings that could be purchase during the bookfair. Today, Ms Nora Agustero email (Thank you) at Filipino Librarians googlegroups alerted us that “an interesting book that features, among others, the Code of Ethics for librarians of the different countries. Of the countries in Asia, the authors focused on Indonesia and the Philippines. The authors highlighted some provisions of our code and considered ‘the ethical code for the Philippines’ as an extremely interesting document worthy of consideration“.

McMenemy, David, Poulter, Alan and Burton, Paul F. 2007. A Handbook of Ethical Practice: A Practical Guide to Dealing with Ethical Issues in Information and Library Work. Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 160 p.

We checked the publisher website hoping for a sample chapter but none is available at the moment. The summary states:

This book looks at all of the ethical issues facing information and library professionals in one overarching, and practically-focused, text. As such, it is of great benefit to both practitioners and to LIS students. The focus of the book is two-fold: (1) It contains a detailed discussion of the issues that impact on the day-today practice of information workers in the 21st century; and (2) contains case studies discussing potential solutions to ethical problems faced.The book provides sections which work like flowcharts leading from ethical issues through decision points to proposed solutions based on the literature/case studies. This is a highly useful resource that provides appropriate access to potential solutions for day-to-day queries.

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