Professional Regulation Commission @ 34!

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) celebrates its 34th year of existence and has assumed a more relevant theme for this year: Service Excellence, Integrity and Commitment. PRC was created in 23 June 1973 by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 223. As PRC marks its 34 years of service, it remains focused on its mandate: service to country, to the Filipino people and the professionals, realizing that the Filipino professional is the vanguard of our national identity: exemplifying to the world the brand of excellence and competence as only a true Filipino could.

This year’s Excellence and Service Awardees are: Comm. Reneto V. Valdecantos and Comm. Avelina A. de la Rea for Distinguished Service Award and Sec. Arturo D. Brion for the Medallion of Professional Excellence.

Congratulations also to the 2007 Outstanding Professional Awardees:

Corazon S. de la Paz, Certified Public Accountant
Amado A. Villao, Aeronautical Engineer
Rosendo S. Rapusas, Agricultural Engineer
William D. Dar, Agriculturist
Cesar V. Canchela, Architect
Wilfreso I. Jose, Chemical Engineer
Trinidad P. Trinidad, Chemist
Mocamad M. Raki-in Sr., Civil Engineer
Edgardo A. Urieta, Criminologist
Cornelio M. dela Cruz, Customs Broker
Primo E. Gonzales, Dentist
Meleusipo E. Fonollera, Electrical Engineer
Casimiro C. Hernandez, Electronics & Comm. Engineer
Maria Cristina V. Turalba, Environmental Planner
Tereso A. Abella, Fisheries Technologist
Carlos C. Tomboc, Forester
Alfredo D. Antonio, Geodetic Engineer
Victor B. Maglambayan, Geologist
Raymond R. Fuentes, Interior Designer
Salvador R. Bautista, Landscape Architect
Prudenciana C. Cruz, Librarian
Fidel E. Diñoso, Marine Deck Officer
Manuel M. Villamor Jr., Marine Engineer Officer
Juan A. Allas, Jr., Master Plumber
Victorino Z. Sianghio Jr. Mechanical Engineer
Vivian V. Tagama, Medical Technologist
Antonio C. Oposa, Physician
Meliton U. Ordillas Jr., Metallurgical Engineer
Corazon L. Paras, Midwife
Jeremias L. Dolino, Mining Engineer
Purita R. Escobar, Nurse
Gracia M. Villaviaje, Nutritionist-Dietitian
Mariano M. Tañada Jr., Optometrist
Nazarita T. Tacandong, Pharmacist
Maria Elizabeth M. Grageda, Physical Therapist
Cristina Ines G. De Leon, Occupational Therapist
Nicomedes M. Gopez, Radiologic Technologist
Alfredo B. Espino, Sanitary Engineer
Romeo C. Quieta, Social Worker
Aurea F. Sto Domingo, Professional Teacher
Jose H. Losa Jr., Veterinarian

*Note: There is a full page article written at Manila Bulletin page 17 of Vol. 414 No. 22 issue dated 23 June 2007 that contains the above mentioned list of Outstanding Professionals (without the emphasis on the Outstanding Librarian of course ). Also there is a related article online under the Opinion and Editorial section of Manila Bulletin entitled: Thirty-four years of the Professional Regulation Commission: Service excellence, integrity, and commitment to national development (AAnday)


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