Help Us Help You

The BlogPatrol™ counter of PLAI-STRLC blog shows 800 readers have viewed it since its creation last August 2006. According to the BlogPatrol site, the free blog counter compiled statistics of those “who are able to read the content” of the blog. The PLAI-STRLC counter count only the unique IP address used during the initial blog visit hence succeeding visits are not included in the tally.

This humble blog traffic for a start-up and its steady growth of readers emboldened us to persevere more to establish its rightful present in the blogosphere and make its presence felt by all stakeholders.

But before we celebrate by August its first year, all of us at PLAI-STRLC are eager to hear our readers’ opinions. If you agree with what is posted or if you disagree, please let us know. Your valuable comments will help us help you improve the way we manage this blog.

To ensure that the discussion is educational for all stakeholders, comments will be moderated. We will publish all relevant statements, although we reserve the right to edit them for length and clarity. Those that are irrelevant, repetitive or abusive will not be posted. The copyright to all published comments belongs to PLAI-STRLC.

Hope to hear from you soon.

2 responses to “Help Us Help You

  1. This is the first time that I became aware of the site. I looked at it and found it very good. The contents and news about southern tagalog events are great. Di ko lang nabuksan yung ppt. meron ba? Anyway carry on and keep on reminding us to open the site. I personnaly liked the southern flavor and practicallity of the activities. Great site to visit.

    (taken from an email communication from the FilipinoLibrarians@ dated 28 Apr 2007)

  2. Plaistrlcblogspot. com is a very useful and informative avenue especially for librarians and friends of the library to reach out and update oneself to the “WHAT’s UPs” in librarianship.
    Am glad we have this for ease of communication and accessibility to information.

    (taken from an email communication from the dated 30 Apr 2007)

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