Lecture notes: CPE for Librarians

Last April 18, 2007, Prof Corazon M. Nera, Chair of the Board for Librarians (BFL) shared and mentioned to around 60 participants of the Forum entitled “Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Librarians” the Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs for Librarians (35 slides). This presentation was prepared by Ms. Elizabeth R. Peralejo, Member of the BFL and was discussed in length by Prof. Nera.

Another area that Prof Nera mentioned during the forum was about the review of existing library standards in the Philippine libraries (73 slides)which was prepared by another member of the BFL, Ms. Elnora L. Conti.

*Note: Permission to post the above two power point presentations was sought through email communication with all three (3) members of the BFL and was duly approved by the BFL Chair last April 20, 2007. If you can not view slides, click here for an alternative view

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