Digitization of Documents for Greater Access

After 7 years, the ILIS will also be finally holding a Summer Institute on Information Science. For this year the topic is on”Digitization of Documents for Greater Access.” This will be most beneficial to participants from organizations who are planning to digitize their print collections, or who are in the early stages of digitization of documents. S-W is limited to 35 participants only.

The seminar-workshop will be held May 7-11, 2007 (5 days) at SLIS omputer Labs. Seminar fee is P6,000.00 inclusive of meals and e-handouts. Click here to view survey/registration form. You will have to bring your own materials for scanning (1 book, 1 serial issue, 10 pcsmanuscripts, 10 pcs loose leaf documents, 5 black and whitephotographs, 5 colored photographs).

For interested parties, please contact Ms. Grace Marie Gonzales: gmbg62674@yahoo. com or grace_marie. gonzales@ up.edu.ph.


One response to “Digitization of Documents for Greater Access

  1. pls. e-mail me about the seminar on Digitization of documents for greater access last april 21, 2007. thank you and more power

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