December 2006 Raflle Draw Postponed

Due to unforeseen events, the PLAI-STRLC officers in an emergency meeting decided to postpone the raffle draw date set on December 15, 2006 to January 17, 2007. This is to give way to our individual institutions simultaneous activities and give enough time to distribute the remaining tickets. Please relay the information to our colleagues and to those individuals who bought the tickets of the raffle draw postponement.

We likewise encourage all librarians including their friends who have not received their tickets to please contact any PLAI-STRLC officer or your provincial representative, whoever is near your area. PLAI-STRLC officers, library staff and friends of the library are ENCOURAGED to buy as many tickets as they want. The more tickets you buy the more chances that the PLAI-STRLC outreach program will be a success.

Unsold tickets should be returned on or before January 15, 2007. Unreturned tickets are considered sold. Stubs of sold tickets should be submitted before 12nn of January 17, 2007.

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